Rex Riders

When fourteen-year-old Zeke Calhoun came to Texas to live at his Uncle Jesse’s broken-down ranch, he discovered that he had a natural way with horses and loved to ride. But that was nothing compared to what he found in a riverbed near the ranch: a mysterious stranger riddled with bullets lying face down in the dirt, and a juvenile T-Rex the size of a horse keeping a pack of hungry wolves at bay!


Where did the stranger come from? What was he doing here? Who shot him? And why? Then Zeke noticed the bridle in the dinosaur’s mouth. From that moment on he knew he had to ride it!


What Zeke didn’t know was that rescuing the stranger and his rex would set off a chain of events that would plunge Zeke into an incredible adventure, and lead to the discovery of a deadly alliance between Earth and a prehistoric world that would threaten the fabric of both!



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