Monstrosities Books

Monstrosities Headquarters

Monstrosities Inc. has been selling dinosaur and Godzilla products since 1990 to customers all over the world. We’re experts in must-have, hard to find, unusual and, yes, weird dinosaur toys, model kits, display models, skulls, busts, art prints, videos, DVDs, and printed material including comic books, books, posters and other collectibles. Our customer list was a “who’s who” of some of the world’s best-known dinosaur lovers, paleo-artists, and collectors.

Publishing—at least, publishing novels—is new for Monstrosities Inc., but we have 20+ years of retail, Internet, and wholesale experience in the dinosaur and monster business. We are fully committed to publishing the best stories, illustrated by the best talent. When you pick up one of our books, you will stare at the cover and say, “Coooool.” You’ll admire the illustrations when you thumb through it, and you won’t want to put it down—you’ll want to read it, cover to cover.

In 2011, Monstrosities Books publishes the first installment in the Rex Riders series of adventure novels by J.P. Carlson for ages 12 and up. The cover is by acclaimed paleo-artist Fabio Pastori, with interior illustrations by Marvel Comics’ artist Jim Calafiore.

What lies ahead? How about an art book featuring the fantastic paleo-art of Fabio Pastori? A sci-fi adventure novel with the working title Metal Force? And lots more we can’t tell you about right now. What we can tell you is this: if it says Monstrosities Books, you’re in for a thrilling read. That’s our pledge to you!

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